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The use of alternate dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, has grown worldwide due to how expensive and slow the judicial systems have become. Although these procedures aren’t used enough in Venezuela, we at are committed in augmenting their use as a form of lightening the judicial burden, not to mention the financial burden of the parts involved. This is why we offer our services as mediators and arbitrators to solve your conflicts. This way, the parts involved can be sure of having 100% impartiality since, if desired by the clients, we can assign an arbitrator whom none of the parts will have prior contact or contact without the other part present, even no physical contact at all, if the parts desire. This is the only sure way to have an impartial judge in Venezuela. Besides these services, we also offer our services as representation in arbitration and mediation. As we offer un our judicial representations, you get the support of our bank of attorneys in order to solve your problems.

If you wish to get obtain more information on the services of arbitration and their costs, please click here.