Make your own free website on is formed by a group of young attorneys with different areas of expertise located at different states of Venezuela. We strongly beleive that the Internet has changed the world and the way we live, therefore Law and its practice has to adapt to this new technology and the challenges it brings us. The Internet has created a borderless world and has brought with it a number of new situations and opportunities.

We at have created an office environment through Internet in order to offer our clients a vast and diverse group of attorneys that can fulfill all their expectations. Working as a united firm, but scattered all over Venezuela, we have the capacity of attending any affair in any state without having to charge for travel expenses as would be necessary with a local firm. Also, we can offer counsel to foreigners without them having to movilize themselves to Venezuela, and advantage that few firms can offer.

Our vision is of a law firm that can cover the necessities of any individual and handle any affair in Venezuela without the limitations of conventional law firms which, because of their fixed headquarters, cannot fulfill all your needs. That's why we at aspire to become the first Venezuelan law firm: not just a regional firm, but a nationwide law firm. That is our commitment with you.