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There are different types of procedures that can be used when selecting arbitration. Within them are the rules set for international arbitration by the Convention of Panama and the Convention of New York, the procedure set by the local Law of Commercial Arbitration (Ley de Arbitraje Comercial), and the procedures established by the Civil Procedure Code (Código de Procedimiento Civil). You can also choose the amount of arbitrators you desire, as long as they’re an odd number.

The parts involved can also agree on the system that they consider appropriate. For example, if all the evidence necessary for argumentation is written, the parts involved can choose a brief method or without physical assistance, assisted by the use of e-mails and Internet. The possibilities depend on the will of the involved parts.

The cost of arbitration depends on the type of procedure, the amount of arbitrators, and the quantification of the lawsuit.

Once you have decided on the procedure and the amount of arbitrators, you can place your request by clicking here.