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  The first step in the realization of a contract is explaining us the situation that you wish to cover with the contract. Once we have this information, we can indicate you the price of the contract so you can pay us through any of our accepted methods. Once the payment has been confirmed, we will e-mail you a draft of the contract so you can read the clauses. In case you require any correction or modification you can solicit them then. Once the contract is to your satisfaction, the contract will be printed and processed through the state Bar (Colegio de Abogados) and afterwards sent to you by MRW or any other courier system we feel adequate (We pay for shipping within Venezuela). From there on, all you have to do is introduce it in a Notary or Registry as necessary for the signing of the document.

If you are ready to solicit the drafting of a contract or any other document, please click here.

If you wish for us to calculate the cost of a document, please click here.